Welcome to the city of your dreams. Westlake, Florida has it all due to its advantageous positioning right in the center of West Palm Beach and the ability to include modern design into this all-new community. Reach Estate is rising with the dawn of this new and modern community, and our real estate agents would love to help you find a place here. Westlake is including the best of everything in its brand new city design, from a Westlake Adventure Park to a lively town center. We know that this community and it’s modern layout are doing a great job of ushering in the future, and you want to be part of that, so our local realtors are ready to help you find the perfect houses for sale.

Westlake Community Goals

As a new community, Westlake has high hopes and expectations. This community is a great place for anyone looking for cutting edge city design and remarkable real estate to get hands on. Our real estate agents are here to find you the ideal homes and land for sale in Westlake so you can join this amazing community. You are one phone call away to find the most affordable houses for sale in Westlake.


Fun-oriented City with Houses for Sale

Westlake is a fun-oriented city with homes for sale that will fit anyone’s aesthetic. No matter your recreation style, you are bound to find something intriguing to do around town. Westlake Adventure Park provides one of the best places for fun in the community. This park includes a dog park, a playground, pools, a basketball court, and much, much more. This isn’t the only place you can go to enjoy yourself either. Hence this is the right place to look for houses for sale.

The Best Real Estate for the Best People

You can’t forget Westlake’s town center when it comes to fun. The city’s best social gathering place is here, with both local boutiques and national chains to shop, eating establishments for when you need a snack, and open areas to sit and chat with friends. Want a home near the center of town? Contact our real estate agents and they’ll send you options. Want a home near the beach? Our realtors can do that too. Westlake truly provides the best variety of properties for sale and flawless real estate opportunities.

The Move to Westlake for Better Life

We know it can be hard to move from a comfortable location with old friends and familiar neighborhoods, but trust us, this time, it’s worth it.  Our real estate agents will help you find houses for sale that feel like home to you. If you are considering moving from Weston to Westlake, let us tell you, it is probably the best decision. Westlake is newer and has many brand new amenities. We love Weston, but if you want to be in a modern, new-age style city, Westlake is for you. Our realtors work with land for sale in both Weston and Westlake, so they can help you choose the best real estate for you.

Reasons to Choose Reach Estate to Find Houses for Sale in Westlake

You should choose Reach Estate to help you find the houses for sale because your preferences for real estate are our priority. When it comes to your comfort in a home, we will do anything we can to help you. Our realtors will give you many options for properties for sale so you can make the best choice for you and your loved ones. Let us bring you the highest-quality real estate.