Has Weston, Florida gotten boring for you in recent years?  Looking for houses for sale outside Weston? Do you need a change of scene? If so, the nearby towns of Loxahatchee or Westlake may just be the perfect place for you. These towns offer easy access to urban areas, but also preserve some rural charm. Chad Hanna is the best local real estate agent you can get when moving from the Weston area, as he has been selling properties in southeastern Florida for decades. He has settled in Loxahatchee Groves in recent years and has a real estate office in The Acreage plaza. You can be assured that Chad Hanna and his team of real estate brokers are up to date on all real estate developments and will use their knowledge for your benefit. If you need a listing agent that will bring you the highest quality homes and condos for sale, Chad Hanna and his Reach Estate team are here to help.


Out of Weston and into Westlake!

Weston, Florida has a supposedly good reputation for being a safe, wholesome community. What is overlooked though, is the lack of modern aesthetic and ideals. Let’s face it; Weston is old news. Westlake, however, is a brand-new community with modern houses for sale, also conveniently located in the Miami metropolitan area. The difference between Weston and Westlake is the latter has uncapped potential to be the greatest community yet. There are many houses for sale, apartments for sale, and condos for sale in Westlake, and our real estate agents are just waiting to help you find yours.


Like Weston’s Statistics? Westlake has Potential for Better

You may be reluctant to move from Weston because it has been historically ranked as “most safe” or “best place to live.” If this is what is keeping you back, let us ease your worries. Westlake has more potential than Weston ever had to become the best residential area in Florida. Think of it as a fresh start, a community that you can mold to be your dream city. If creating your own dream place to live sounds good to you, our local realtors can help you find homes for sale in Westlake.

Loxahatchee Tops Weston in Terms of Quality Real Estate

Looking for a property that seems farther from the rigors of urban life? Loxahatchee can give you the best example of this by bringing nature to your doorstep. Our real estate brokers can help you sell your home and find a place in Loxahatchee. With quaint dirt roads, places to hitch horses, and close proximity to the Everglades, land for sale in Loxahatchee is the best way to bring nature into your life.

Equestrian Presence in Loxahatchee

If you are an equestrian lover looking for a home that best suits your horses, Loxahatchee is the perfect place to move to. Whether you own horses or just love to be around them, this community offers land for sale that will put you close to many similar equestrian lovers. Our local realtors will give you many options of houses for sale that will put you where you feel comfortable.

Why Reach Estate When it Comes to Find Houses for Sale?

Trusting Reach Estate to help with your real estate buying process will be extremely beneficial. Our expert listing agents will listen to your thoughts about your dream home to bring you the residence you’ve always wanted. You can trust them to help you find homes for sale and apartments for sale. Look no further than Reach Estate to find the best houses for sale in Weston, Florida.