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Introduction to Chad Hanna of Reach Estate, Team Lead and Proprietor

Chad Hanna’s professional journey in real estate is a compelling story of entrepreneurship, strategic evolution, and a deep commitment to family and community values. 

His venture into the real estate realm began in the early 2000s alongside Rene Aguiar, investing in a diverse Miami real estate portfolio. 

This path showcased his significant capabilities in business operations and strategic growth.

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The births of their two sets of twin children in 2010 and 2011 heralded a new chapter for Chad and Rene, as they chose to prioritize family, leading to the liquidation of their investments. This pivotal decision paved the way for their re-entry into the real estate sector with a fresh perspective. In 2017, they launched Reach Estate Realty in Loxahatchee, establishing not just a business but a community hub where professional service is infused with family values. 

Their unique approach to real estate emphasizes creating a welcoming ecosystem for real estate customers and agents to share their aspirations and life stories and receive professional guidance. While growing as a real estate organization, Reach Estate, LLC invested in the adjacent to their Publix plaza office, a vacant residential lot in 2018, worked closely with Palm Beach County representatives, and successfully changed the zoning to CLO Commercial Low Office, with the commitment to low impact on the rural appeal of Loxahatchee in 2020. Having invested in the community, Reach Estate sold this land in 2022 as it expanded as a statewide business.

The transition to eXp Realty in 2019 marked a significant evolution for Chad D. Hanna PA dba Reach Estate Team, enabling the expansion of their services across Florida. This move was strategic, allowing them to thrive in a virtual business model, while maintaining human connection amongst the Reach Estate real estate customer and agent community. 

Chad’s role at Reach Estate is multifaceted; he serves as the Team Lead and is also the Chief of Operations for Reach Estate Business Service Partnership. In this capacity, he ensures Reach Estate real estate agents are supported comprehensively, offering transaction guidance, document counseling, and educational tools with live support. 

His dedication to fostering career development among agents is clear, as is his commitment to ensuring clients receive top-tier service. Under his guidance, Reach Estate has supported nearly 1,000 residential transactions, contributing to over $200 million in sales since 2017. His dedication to the industry and the community, his drive for innovation, and his commitment to the professional growth of his agents have firmly established him as a respected leader in Florida’s real estate market.

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